Tuesday, October 25, 2005


She was a cold calculating mother of three new in town. He was a gypsum salesman from the wrong side of the warehouse. It was Thursday night, fish fingers and beans night, but, he had other ideas. Any minute now 'they' would be finished watching scooby doo and come looking for their 'tea'. Was there time? Could she make it ?... possibly, but only if she had preheated the grill... it was time to ask 'Had she left the oven on?'

This valentines day season the hit blockbuster movie show of a life time. dare you risk the very fibres of your heart?

[Available at 'Hairy Joes One Handed Theatre' franchise across the country from Thursday week]

Gadjo Dromestir??
Gogol Bordello... you know? ya gypsy fuckin' fuck fucker!!!

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