Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hey check this out!

While Andrew and I was in France Fatkat won another award!

Drew and I were so excited we decided we'd make some faces!

Patrick was so excited he dyed his hair. Now he's a PATnum Blonde.

Snicker snicker, snort fluck!

Thanks to:

  1. CBDC – Greg McNulty and his staff for presenting you with this award and recognizing the contributions of Fatkat.
  2. Raymond Arsenault of Enterprise Miramichi for all his advice and consulting.
  3. Darryl Black of Enterprise Miramichi and his efforts in working with the RDC and the Miramichi Prosperity Fund.
  4. Claude Schofield & Mike Lavigne of ACOA who’s programs have made Fatkat’s success possible.
  5. Calvin Stewart and Training & Employment Development for providing assistance in their workforce expansion program.
  6. Business New Brunswick and NB Film for their dedication to the IT sector and animation in particular.
Also of course, our families, friends and clients.


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