Tuesday, November 1, 2005


He's pretty hefty for his age but our beloved Fatkat is 2 years old!

It was two years ago that Nikki and I incorporated Fatkat Animation Studios. We were working on a series for CBC at the time with a staff of 2 brand new artists. Since then... ...well you know the rest!

I hope Fatkat has many more birthdays with bigger and bigger cakes in the years to come and I'm thrilled to death to have such a kick ass crew to celebrate with.

Thanks to everyone for helping us get to where we are today. Fatkats of old and new!

Thanks to: My ever supporting wife Tara, my family, my CFO Nikki Hilton, VP of Business Andrew Dunn, Partnership Executive John Nowlan, VP of Production Christopher Richardson, My lovley assistant Liz Hogan, My Senior Artists, Patrick Proulx, Jon Roth, Daniel Theriault, Mick Harrison and Neven Nesic, Programmer Extraordinaire Cameron Fraser, Associate Producers, Bill Gulliver and Buddy Bolton, all the talented animators and artists that make this big machine move - Melanie Gallant, Robert Anderson, Craig Schriver, Spence Robinson, Gwen Mitchell, Leon Arispunandar, Doug Little, Chantelle Cochrane, Andy Coyle, Stephen Pitre, Mike Concannon and our little french fried intern Brian Roy.

Man, I hope I didn't miss anyone currently on staff.

And thanks to Fatkats of old as well! Fine folks who helped us get to where we are today, even though they're all missing out on the fun! - Dave Rigley, Cindy Blakney, Matt Rogers, Mitch Martin, Geremy Walker, James Stewart, Laurel Montegomery, Glenn Curry, Andre Guy Landry, Jeff Theriault, and Chris Northrop.

Also to Fatkat's of the last life even: Juan Cruz Baldassare, Murray Bain, Andrew Holland, Brad Cayford, James Walsh, Joe Park, Peter Auld, Jordan Greenstein, Sean Craig, Ken Dolan, Craig Deredin, Clyde Blakley, Jordy Jeppesson, Steve Lambe, Jason Hickman, Steve Blackwell, Rod Amador, Steve Kahwati, Steve Chenier, Youssef Sabbar, Heather Garrow, Jeremy Donovan, Keith Chamberlan, Tavis Silbernagel, Mujib Rahim, Ian Westoby, Meaghan Smith, Darren Rawlings, Doug Macklin, Matt Cassan, Jason James and Robin Mitchell. (Sorry if I missed anyone, my memory is fading).

Massive thanks to Miramichi and the province of New Brunswick for your support. To of course our clients, our friends that continue to keep our dream of making silly cartoons alive! We love you all!

See ya next year!


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