Thursday, November 10, 2005


Here's the final layout. Yes there's still half walls being made, yes you will be sitting 4 per side, yes you will like it. Yes there will be a dancing pole and strippers.

Nice! Walls are being put up and this place is really starting to take shape! I hear next week drywalling will start and maybe even the floors! Then painting and refining some stuff!

Look at those exposed beams, see the tags? they're left over from when the place was a warehouse for Canadian Tire, these were markers for radiator fan belts or something. I've asked the workers not to pull the spikes or remove the tags so that we can keep some of the charm from the old hole.

I'm totally in love with the sprinkler pipes that run through out the place.

There's a chimney going through the studio, this will be a great location for a neon sign!

Our Colour swatches!!

More pictures to come soon,


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