Monday, November 14, 2005


Better late then never that I bring you some great pictures from the Fatkat Thanksgiving party that Liz held at her place last month. I know, I'm a slacking be-atch! But hey, I'm a busy boy, doing things that would make school girls legs weaken and my grandma's teeth pop out. What the hell do I mean by that you say? - well kids, I don't know. But check out these pictures!

Leon dreaming of a white Christmas.

Jon spent most of his time on the phone talking to Mike Tyson's personal assistant.

The preparing of the feast.
Gwen had just about enough of my photo taking, shortly after this picture she did something with that potatoe that to this day prevents Andy from sitting comfortably.

Neven slices and dices!

Wait a second, I hired gwen as a kick ass animator, this thing tells me she's a really a piece of veal! I wonder if other people are hiding their true identities!?

Damn, even Daniel has been hiding from me!

Shit! Jon too! - although he is a bit of a turkey.

Mark is an unidentified igloo

Leon! You so perty.

Shortly after I found out that people were keeping their true selves from me, we all started to get shitfaced (as only fatkat's can). Andy, trying to fight off the pain below, starts guzzling beer like his plane was going down.

Then Lizzy's sister showed up, I flirted with her for the rest of the evening, it was a hoot. She pinched my bum a little at the end of it.

Christopher and I singing while doin'de dishies.

Gene at half past the half way mark o'the pint o' rum.

Christopher hunting down a fly. He caught it too!

The dinks downstairs.

The dinks downstairs part 2.

The dink downstairs part 3. :o)

That concluded our presentation of THE THANKSGIVIGING THAT TIME FORGOT. Now I return you to some other junk.

I'm out snizzles,


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