Friday, December 16, 2005


It's 7:30am, I've just gotten in, Beans is passed out on my couch in my office. I don't suspect I'll see anybody for at least a few more hours. Liz will be in perhaps but that's it, everyone else was utterly shit faced last night. What a great time to capture last night's blast on the old blog.

Poor beans, it looks like he was the first to pass out, which ultimatley made him the first to get butchered with some dry-erase markers. Hilarious. Beans is to Fatkat what Belushi was to Animal house.
What a great turn out we had! Our good friends at the BDC showed up. Greg and Mr.McTavish from the CBDC. Raymond Arsenault from Enterprise Miramichi, Local representatives from the Conservative and Liberal parties were here.

Mike Morrison and the Grinch sharing a moment.

Calvin Stewart from Workforce Expansion, our buddy Mike Lavigne was up for a tour along with our friends Terry and Paula with their daughter Ivory.

Here's Kevin Gallant from NBCC Miramichi hitting on our Liz, everyone hits on Liz, she's a magnet I tell ya! Other pals came down from the College as well, Heather Fowler and my buddy Ricky Knowles!
Our friends from the Diner who we usually torture on a daily basis came up to return the favor. Patrick spent a good hour trying to convince them to take their clothes off. It didn't work.

Jared McPhee and his father Joel came up to check out the new studio, Jared is an animator from Nova Scotia who's coming up to join us on Happy Tree Friends.

Here's Hal Raper and the crowd from Grant Thornton. Hal's on my hockey team, we were supposed to play last night. I know I didn't make it.

Here's my Brother in Law and my nephew Robert, both all drunked up! Donny and Faye in the Bacground. Behind everygreat man is a woman scowling, there's no exception for Donny.

Gary Blackmore brought his staff to the event, I told him to invite his c0-workers, he totally took it the wrong way.

To officially kick it all of the yahoos cornered me and forced me to open a gift they all chipped in on.
You always should read the card first.

Then quickly rip off the damn paper!

Look at that sweet ass jacket!! It's totally the shit!! Beans was getting all sentimental, it was getting me whispy.

So I told him off!! YOU"LL GET YOURS BEANS!!

Leon and Sam share a giggle.

All the girls come from miles around to watch Daniel eat. It's quite a marvelous act.

Although when known to be caught on film, he does get snooty.

Richardson gives the thumbs up to Robert's Illo of Dex from a show we're developing with Inside Music called Snake & Butch.

Here's the actual illustration.

Gwen gets a kick out of it as well.

The Richardson Thumbs up is out and in full force tonight.

My wife was not to happy with me.
Andy got beer for christmas, just what he wanted!

RJ Forbes and Yves Boudreau showed up later on from Halation Studios. It was awesome to hang with these guys!

Cameron recieved his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do earlier that evening.

THe party waged on till the wee hours of twilight.

The morning after, what a mess!

He's alive!!

For those who came, thanks for showing, for those who didn't, you missed one hell of a night!

See you next year!


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