Sunday, December 11, 2005


Being a member of Downtown Miramichi Historic Water Street you get some perks. Here is a group of business owners who really come together to help each other out. Fatkat is no exception.

This year we donated our time, well, Jon Roth's time on drawing up some concepts of the buildings on Historic Water Street. The concepts depict possible facade improvements for the street and all the old buildings on it. Some really cool ideas were thrown around.

It's going to be great when we get the cash to actually make the improvements.

We unveiled the drawings at the HWS Christmas party last thursday night. All the Fatkat's were there in full force, gobbling up munchies and shoveling down the alcohol.

Robert pictured here got caught in the act wearing Kaj Pindal's Fatkat Hockey Jersey! Bastid!! That's Kaj's Christmas Present!!

My dad and I played pool all night, it was great to get out with him.

Some time lapse action for you, dad beat me 8 games to 2. I'll stick to making cartoons!

Peace and love homies,


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