Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Here's a guy who used to bug me in college about character design techniques, at that time I wasn't any good at all! Which goes to show you what kind of state Steve was in!

Later on in my career I hired him at Fatkat as a designer and he still pestered me about how to find a style of his own. My answer to him, was to simply pick some elements from other people's work that you like and combine it all with things you like to draw. Do it enough and you've developed your own drawing style. (Not that I was king shit or anything)

By Drawing fast sometimes you make happy mistakes that you keep applying to each design too, I've based my whole design style on drawing fast and making these happy mistakes.

Notice in this drawing the straight line and ear technique, you bastid Steve that's my move!! Love the initials in the ears, another magical touch!! :o)

Well as I sit and look through Steve's sketchbook now stealing his techniques and ideas, I can't help but think how ironic it has all become.

Hat's off to you Steve you old dirty bastid, you really have some magic flowing from that pencil.

yer pal,


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