Friday, January 6, 2006


I agree this quite the lot and my dishes have never been brighter or more lemony stinks...the little lady is happy at home as I am giving her multistorey organisms every meal time and with a shake for lunch and an average dinner the pounds are just falling over themselves to get off....of course I would say that I own one myself,but just for japes let's ask an ordinary Joseph 'excuse me sir....'


.........and there you have it new miracle grow child tranquiliser puppy drowning citrus zing no bending easy switch off and onable I can'y believe it's not genocide darling the dog's got worms well i suppose they are alright but would you let your daughter merry one or heaven forbid your silver haired granny to grant them relief!!! you can't put them in a home not after a 36 hour labour to bring your sorry ass into the world coupons and 25% off extra money back quarantine...unless you ticked box 'B' then you get nothing!

BE bolly LIP drop - 'DEFRINGE'!!!!!!

And there you have it. What do you think Pat?


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