Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Help me welcome some new kats to the studio. Recently we've been hiring like mad for Happy Tree Friends. Here's a few photos that I managed to nab of some of the new folks. We're really excited about having all this amazing talent in the house right now.

On they Keys, James Richards, Snowboarder, Animator Extraordinaire.

On the Saxophone, Mike Gilbert, Life of the Party, Design Kingpin.

Keith Dury, Rockin out with his... ... well you know, Animation Professor.

Jared McPhee, Black Belt, Animator top dog.

On the Dex, Bobby Pettigrew, Design pundit.

Daniel Elder, Pro Footbag Dude, Animation Big Cheese.

Carrie Thornhill, 1984 Bobsled World Champion, Animation Whiz.

On The Bass Guitar, Ian Gallant, Animator Power Elite.

Dan Helle, Master Builder, Winner of the 2001 Indiannapolis 500

More photos to come soon, as I go nutso with the photo.

Welcome aboard!!


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