Friday, February 17, 2006


Fatkat prides itself on treating those grumbly whiney bitches we call artists and animators with the respect that they deserve! :o) Kidding aside, we really do, when we as the so called "Executive" staff get to go out and attend cool events like our Komedy Night while everyone is back in the studio cranking we don't forget who makes the studio roll. The artists.

Everyone in any industry needs to be treated to something extra by their employer every once in awhile, a steady paychecque is always a bonus in the animation industry. But at Fatkat, we try to go the extra mile for everyone, which is why our company mantra is this:

Ensuring quality of work and quality of life
to those we work for and those we work with.

So just before we got suited up to hit the Komedy Night last week in NYC, the four of us decided to hit Toys r Us instead! - Here's some pictures from the santa bag we brought back for everyone.

I hope everyone enjoyed their goodies. Except Leon, he got totally gypped. Sorry bro.


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