Thursday, February 16, 2006


Ok you shits, get your laugh on. After we had our Komedy Night in NYC I went out and partied with our pals at Copernicus. They got me wasted beyond all reason. I was giving lap dances to everyone in the club! Probably offended everyone in the bar and broke a few laws too - UGH!

They were kind enough to throw me in cab, though I left with Murrays Jacket in the midst of exiting. I remember puking in the cab and waking up the next morning.

These were pictures taken by my so called "Friend" Andrew Dunn as he stumbled back to the hotel. He found me passed out in the hallway of the Hilton just outside my hotel room. I suppose he is a pal, he could have left me there until the morning. Thanks Drew. hehe.

Enjoy it now you shits, it won't happen again.

(For at least a few days anyway)



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