Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So I'm going to skip right through our day of really great pitches and informative meetings straight to our main event. The Fatkat Komedy Night!

How nervous could we get before the show, shit, it was like WE were going on stage. We didn't think we'd get a good turnout, but man, we had 190 reservations from Kidscreen in a 12 hour period! NASTY GOOD!

Francois Trudel from PVP getting a shot in with the limo, this guy is hilarious man, he looks way too serious here.
Here comes the immortal Bruce Tanton, we met him here last year at Kidscreen. This guy is bad news! - He knows how to party and will show you the way! - What a blast this dude is!

Our event manager Danté herding folks into the limosines! Great job Danté!

The night went real smooth too. The stretched Hummer limosines showed up around 7:30 and began hauling ass to the comic strip. The industry folks were plenty along with a good mix of the public, the house was packed!!

Our Pal Gavin Smith of the Comedy Unit and creator/writer/co-producer of our hit pre-school show "Hopper" chugs down on some expensive cola beveridge!

Judi Handleman formely of TVO and now independant, gets all snug!

My old college buddy now with Huminah Huminah Animation Jon Vaughn. Man, I haven't seen this guy in 8 years!

The Limos were packed!

At the club we had everyone wearing Fatkat attire, doormen, ushers, bartenders and cute little waitresses!

Everyone piling into the club. Good turnout!

Comic genius and fantastic writer for Chappelle's Show - Kurt Metzger. Kurt also contributed to the famed Fatkat project My Adventures with Cloe and is currently developing more with us!

Rob Magnotti does the meanest impersonations of Al Pacino. Amazing comic.

Sherrod Small, man this dude was great, fantastic charm and hilarious urban comedy.

Fatkat's very own Buddy Bolton! - Buddy put on the best show act in my mind, this dude is hilarious and one hell of a producer for us.

William Stephenson and I, Buddy was right, this dude is NYC's best MC! If you look closely you'll see the porno tape that Willam gave to me. He's such a good guy sharing his porn and all.

Dan Adhout was amazing too.

As was Bill Burr, this is the hottest Comic in NYC right now. Great show.

Me and comic Paula Bel, she slapped me shortly after this picture for just being a man.

One of the lesser known comedians, but no less talented. Former Fatkat Murray Bain - Animation Director at Copernicus Studios and of course Paris Hilton's hotter and smarter older Sister - Nikki Hilton, Fatkat's VP of Finance and Strategy.

Nikki getting all gangstah in the limo ride back.

Andrew doing what he does best. :o)

After we left the bar, things started to get nasty. Let's just say I lost my brand new cell phone, my tie from giving people lap dances and eventually my lunch.. .. in a cab.. or on the doorman's shoes... not sure. Lost some pride too I think.

Thanks to Murray for putting me in the cab that night though.

Oh well! More pictures to come!


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