Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Here's some designs I've leaked out for one of the shows we're currently developing. The famed Buddy Bolton and Kurt Metzger is hammering out the content and it's coming along! - We're aiming to have it ready for Mip in April. I'll post more as it all progresses.

Lazy Eye Hank Bonny – Captain of the Adventure

Lazy Eyes is posi-toot-ly whacky, true he’s a carrot, but he’s absi-tively the most fearless, exciting, crazy Pirate Carrot to ever sail the Seven Seas of Cheese. He’s also rich in vitamins and minerals! Lazy-Eyes has the force of personality necessary to hold together such an unruly bunch of vegetables, but often butts heads with Tara as their tactics and personalities collided.

Taproot Bill – Botswain

Old Taproot Bill isn’t the smartest veggie in the drawers. Bill has a lower IQ then a real carrot but just so happens to be one heck of an able bodied carpenter. In the blink of an eye Old Taproot Bill can build just about anything from a helicopter extension onto the ship to a beautifully refined dollhouse, featuring real live sea cucumbers as dolls! The Boatswain supervises the maintenance of the vessel and its supply stores – sans milkshakes as he’s allergic. He is responsible for inspecting the ship, its sails and rigging each morning, and reporting their state to the captain; who quickly eats the documents. The Boatswain was also in charge of all deck activities, including dropping anchor, Monday morning jazzersize, ball hockey tournaments as well as the handling of the sails.

Meet Tara Taylor, our seven year old star of the show. She is bossy and has a serious OCD about cleanliness. Tara has never done so well at school, although extremely street smart, her grades were always low. She’s one of those kids who is really bored by schoolwork, because it’s not intellectually challenging enough for her. She also finds it very hard to make new friends or just play and have fun like most kids, maybe it’s because she is often bossy. Regardless, her spunky attitude is indisputably her greatest asset.

Almost Crazy Phil Roberts – Sailing Master

Crazy Phil is the officer who was in charge of navigation and the sailing of the ship. Since it’s often stuck in a sandbar, he can’t be trusted navigating anything without Tara’s help. Crazy Almost Roberts usually directed the course and looked after the maps and instruments necessary for navigation. Since his charts are often inaccurate or nonexistent, his job was a difficult one, drawing them up as he goes, often providing surprising solutions to sticky troubles the ship may come across. Tragically, he’s also sleep-deprived and often zonks out mid-sentence.

Blackroot Bart – Master Gunner

This loathly bugger will leave a sour taste in your mouth. He’s grumpy, cranky, intolerably stinky and that’s just in the mornings! Blackroot is the master gunner on the good ship ‘Da Adventure’, but because it is a good ship, Captain Lazy-Eyes traded all the guns for milkshake cannons late last year. No wonder Blackroot is so grumpy! Bart is usually responsible for the ship's guns and ammunition. Now he’s in charge of milkshakes and also manages the complaint department at the front of the boat. He’s usually found keeping watch for merbutlers (A close cousin species to the mermaid), because one kidnapped his sister.

Freddy Carotene - Cook

The ships cook and Kung Fu Master, Freddy is a walking, talking freaky clean-o-holic! Freddy cleans the boat every chance he gets, even following around shipmates, slipping coasters under their drinks and catching food before it hits the floor. Captain Bonny is his worst fear, as the Captain is probably the sloppiest sailor on the boat! He does his best to keep himself composed while living on this floating pigsty, until he finally snaps, breaking open a can of Kung Fu on the nearest shipmate!

More to come as they all get cleaned up. I want to create some backgrounds that are reminiscent of old Pink Panther cartoons. I recently bought the whole collection all 124 cartoons from the 60's through to the 80's. Man they are so awesome. I totally reccomend getting them.

More soon,


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