Friday, March 10, 2006


So recently we went bowling for kids, no that's not like bobbing for apples. Bowling for kids is a charity event held here in Miramichi each year. Businesses from all around the area get together and raise money for unfortunate kids . We here at Fatkat cannot bare the thought of some child not being able to eat or have clothes on their back or worse even, - not being able to watch our cartoons! - kidding.

We had fun and raised over $500.00! That's good enough for 3rd place! yeah! Here's some pictures.

Bobby Pettigrew in the deepest of thoughts.

Hankewich is a fierce competitor in anything he does. He once bit the leg off a turkey because he good gobble better. Word is still out what Chris is good at gobbling.... snicker, laff, fart....

The Gang!
Lizzy got into the swing of things bowling a 234!! What a thrower!

Hank getting his GQ on.
Neven is happy, you should be too.

Not this happy. But getting warmer. Erika bowled a 10129 that day, which is hard to beat.

I bowled a box of raisin bran and boy could I ever feel it.

Coyle looking at his path to stardom.

Steve's following another path in another direction.

Gwen bowled a 12193! - man is that even possible!!

Beans in deep thought.
Patrick using the granny gear. Cheater.

All in all a good event! - I encourage you all to give back to the community as much as possible, especially the kids. You'll feel better about yourself and you need to feel that. Especially after all that booze you drank the night before.

good on yah,


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