Sunday, March 26, 2006


As I sit and type this, our Fatkat pals from Dacapo production are on a plane back to Winnepeg. I'm sitting to type this not because people usually type while standing, but because I don't think I could get up if I wanted to. Man am I ever sore.

Olaf from Dacapo is a bit of a runner, and Friday night at Dinner, he proposed that we go for a light run Saturday morning. I agreed hesitently; but took it on and Saturday morning at 8:30 I knocked on his hotel room door. He was suprisingly naked from the top down, but that's another story that only he can explain. :o)

To make a long story short, I performed two "firsts" for me on Saturday. A) - I ran 1o km without a break with Olaf cheering me on. B) During breakfast shortly after I downed an entire brunch menu.

Then we were off to Gwen & Nevey's Chilli Cook-Off! Enough type, here's some pics!

Nikki's Cousin, resemblence anyone?

Steve's Madness chili is by far the hottest chili I've ever tasted, it was clearly over the hotness line. MADNESS!

Gwen's Chili was...gone! - - Great Veggie Chili!

Jon's Chili also took a beating. Not much left!

The winning Chili by Clint at Dacapo had a sweet blend of baked beans, molasses and veggies. The winning chili recieved the "shocker" from Elder...

... Clint declined the shocker but accepted the 1st prize of a coolio chili cook book.

Great having the Dacapo guys down, we look forward to working with them for a very long time!


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