Friday, March 24, 2006


Our good pals at Dacapo Productions finally took a trip out to Miramichi to visit us here at Fatkat! - These guys are top notch I tell you, they've treated us so well and I highly recommend giving them a call for any of your sfx, voice work or original music needs.

Alot of their work is showcased all over the Fatkat site, here's some links!

The Hopper - Animated Teaser

Fatkat 2004 Christmas Commercial

Sprays of her Life - webseries

Eastlink Television - Animated show title

And of Course... the darker subjects...

Cardboard Tube Samauri - Animated short

Soap & Pubey - Animated Short

So again as you know when guests come to visit Fatkat we treat them with fine fashion, take them snowboarding, salmon fishing or rent a boat and spend the day out on the river. Well this time I think we've outdone ourselves! - This time we asked Clint and Olaf if they'd like to join us for some french lessons!

Alot of us are taking French and Spanish Lessons, what a better way for our pals to start off their visit to Fatkat!

Yeah, Olaf was having a blast! Just look at him!

We made up for it though by taking treating them to a seafood dinner!

Olaf ate this entire tray and half of the waiter's uniform.

Some of our guests were acting like kids! - How immateur!

Then we all went to Mega and Jimmy's place for yet another theme party! - This time around the theme was movie based:
The Life Aquatic!

We invited that old man into the party and took pictures of his chicken legs..

Red caps, glocks on the leg, gym pants and turtle necks. YES!

Even Brie joined in, dying her hair colour to match the theme.

Olaf and Drew talked about music. Like these guys would know anything about that!

Clint moderates the argument.

No that's not smoke from reefer or cigarrets, that's Steve Pitre's smoke machine, who brings a smoke machine and a strobe light to The Life Aquatic party? - Well, I already told you, go back and read the last sentence. :o)

Here's an early picture, I left soon after so I'm sure they're smashed now. schnoogins.

Ah the Bachelor's fridge, full of nutrition!

Daniel agrees!
So does old scarface!
Brie bit me shortly after this picture was taken.

Robert was thinking about it, I'm glad Brie beat him to it.

Jimmy was toasty.
And you bet Mega was too, gracious hosts as usual!!

Tomorrow I awake early and attempt a 10 mile run with Olaf, goalies aren't built for running Olaf. But I'm up for the challenge! - More pictures tomorrow as we have the first Fatkat Chili Cook Off over at Gwen and Neven's Place!

PS: I had a video all edited for this post, but dammit! - Quicktime 7 and After Effects are having issues!

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