Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Hello me old cow puncher jim jack spanner ferret fuck knuckle respected sir,

My latest film is out in all unfranchised theatres from the March the 47th. Please find attached promotional poster and 18 and a half free tickets for you and 17 and a half fresh idiots.

She was a sexy sex columnist who discussed sex with her high flying sexy sex pals eating sexy bagels and looking at tall sex drinks with that one of her sex pals who wasn't really all that sexy.

He was a high ranking german nazi man with a penchant for that chinese tea that they reckon makes you live longer combined with a strict diet of third reich yoga and tofu blitz kreig enemas.

Whilst researching sex and gas chambers respectively on the interkettle they stumbled upon a
love that made casanovas own midnight shinanegins look like a ride on a bus to a rubbish place.

This summer season see for yourself the blistering sexy city fun sex that Meg Mangler and Sid Shelly are up to in the come back summer buddy sex wish list filum of the same name.

The city made them monsters but their love made them hideous even to fellow monsters.

Anyway there you go.

Hope to hear from you soon and blah blah

Big kisses yer missus- Mick

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