Monday, March 6, 2006


In our last exciting installment of the Grillo Bros. trip back to the great white north, we witnessed a dashing good time at one of Mega's costume parties.

The very next day we all headed to Poli Mountain to see if we could succeed in crossing yet another item of the Grillo's "Things to do while in Canada" Checklist. Here's some pictures.

Alot more Fatkat's came out this time around. Hankewich was suprisingly hot shit on a deck.

Joel, not so hot, be he looked great!

I'm a lunatic.
Jared and Elder getting it on.

I saw this great little Red Bull Austin Mini Cooper, so naturally I had to physically assault it. Hey, don't knock it, I got some free Red Bull out of it. Good deal.

Neven shredding it.

Robert and Patrick taking a break.

The boys getting ready for a run.

Spence had a great hat.

Poor Tony man, all day he took to shreddin' that hill and on the last run of the day, within sight of the lodge at the bottom of the hill; Tony rips by me doing 329 mph and loses and edge.

This is how we like to treat our most valued clients, bring them up from sunny florida and take them skiing, breaking limbs. Ugh sorry buddy!

What a guy, such a good spirit.

Good old Stan took great care of Tony; hats off to you brother!

So after a long stint at the Sussex Hospital, we loaded Tony up with som Tylenol 3 and threw him into the back of the truck.

I had to trim that damn hangnail though, it was begging for it.

By the time we got back to Miramichi it was almost midnight, so of course we stopped by at Nikki's party for some good refreshments to help heal the beaten soul.

Hope you had a good break, regardless of this mild set back Tony, (no pun intended)



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