Saturday, May 20, 2006


So I've decided that I cannot take the hounding anymore, from my co-workers at Fatkat to my wife and parents and even some of our clients. They all tell me it's time to take some time for myself! It's time to take a vacation!

Do I go to Florida? - Europe? Perhaps China? - No I go to Ontario! - Hey why not, my wife and I have never been.
So off we go to see my parents and my sister in Hamilton! Of course we do the touristy things, Niagra Falls, the Butterfly Conservatory. Traveling to see my Dad's childhood home in Simcoe and his old hotrod club was really cool. Had a hotdog at "The Arbour" in Port dover was very reminscent of a burger and fries from "Ben's" here in Miramichi. Good Times!

Great photo opportunities at the botannical gardens.

Butterflies were amazing, I'd highly reccomend checking out a conservatory if the opportunity presents itself.

My sister took me to an INXS concert, a good time! Used to love these guys growing up, even now they certainly put on a good show.

More to come!


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