Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today I went to go visit the guy that taught me everything I know about Animation. Harold Duckett taught me animation at NBCC Miramichi in the first year they offered it back in 1997.

Here's my class at NBCC Miramichi back in 1997 - Many have moved on, most not in Animation, but some of them held on and can be found in nearby Studios such as Hummina Hummina, Wetsand and Speilo. Others have gone on to different arts liks Tattoos and Airbrushing.

At 6'4" Hal is pretty intimidating, there's not too many students who didn't pass in assignments!

Hal worked on many a show during his time at Warner Bros. Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop and Tiny Toons to name just a few.

A master draftsman and one of the finest Layout and Pose guys around Harold showed me quickly what a life in animation was truly all about; but that didn't shake me. I still wanted in and despite some trying days since then, I still am madly in love with what I do for a living!

Harold is also an amazing caricature artist, able to capture the essence of people within mere moments. I remember he did a caricature of me, finished in ink and colour within 5 minutes! - He does alot of caricatures during the summer months, keeping him outside and making alot of cash on busy days!

See more of Hal's caricatures on his site here - You can also view his video portfolio below on youtube. I hope you don't mind Hal!!

More to come on my adventures in Ontario!


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