Sunday, May 28, 2006


Big Show meets Mr.Dunn

So on our way to Ottawa, Mr.Dunn and I get lost and I mean lost!! - We spent an unprecidented 3 and a half hours on the outskirts of Ottawa trying to find the way down town. I mean c'mon! - How hard is it to find this frickin city!? - Well it looks like there might have been a carbon dioxide leak in the truck we were driving as we must have been out of our minds. *snicker.

So finally we find the Delta hotel and check in. Up to the room we go to our comfy beds, but when we get up there we find that there is only bed, not beds!! - DAM!

Lucky Mr.Dunn is a smooth talker, he phones the front desk and gets a free upgrade! So back down to the front desk we went. Ugh the W

In the morning, Andrew takes off to hit up some more studios and networks.

I phoned up a new guy I just hired, Andrew Blodgett, he offered to show me around at Algonquin College! There's far too many Andrew's at Fatkat, so we christened him "Big Show". Because he's, well, Big, and he uhm. Showed up? Not sure. He does look like Big Show the wrestler though!

There he introduced me to Neil Hunter and Paul West who run the animation program.

These guys were a blast! - They showed me all around the school and popped some some reels on the screen for me to check out. These two guys clearly know how to run an animation program, I was really impressed! These guys clearly deserve G5 Laptops!

So after Big Show and I hit Algonquin, Mr. Dunn and I convinced him to not wait until mid June to move to Miramichi, but instead to drive with us hooligans now and complete our roadtrip!

Just before leaving though, Big Show and I took a cab to go see Rod Amador who's working at Amberwood Animation downtown. He's also just learned that his girl Amanda is pregnant! - WOW! Congrats dude!!!

He agreed! - He called up his parents, who were on their way down that weekend and told them that he was going on a Fatkat Roadtrip! Check out the Video!

So after waiting for him to pack up his junk, we jumped in the truck and headed to Montreal! After checking in, we headed down to Saint Catherine's Street and had the best chicken sandwich on the planet!!

Again after some phenomenal meetings in Montreal, we were on the road again. Whew! what a drive man, 11 hours! - We stopped along the way though, the picture above was taken in Grand Falls, a nice little town just on the border of New Brunswick and Quebec.

We also stopped at Plaster Rock so Big Show could talk to the dude in the Canoe.

And after driving through the deer and moose infested back road that is the Plaster Rock Highway, we made it to Miramichi, Big Show you're home dude!

Now let the good times begin!


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