Sunday, May 28, 2006


Wow, am I ever backlogged! I haven't posted in a week!

What a whirlwind trip! - A vacation in Hamilton for a week, a day in Toronto, Ottawa then Montreal and then back on the Road to Miramichi! What a trip! I reccomend it!

So Mr.Dunn came and picked my butt up in Hamilton late Monday night, we headed to Toronto and of course, got lost thanks to our friends at Mapquest! :o)

We went and checked in with our pals at Nelvana.

And with our good friends at CBC.

I went and checked out some animation schools while in Toronto, Max The Mutt was one that really stood out in my mind, Tina and Maxine showed me around and I got to go see all the cool student reels and even met a few of them. Above is something that I always see no matter where I go in animation, be it a studio or a school. Ha!

So after a day of hitting up networks, studios and schools in beautiful Toronto (which is alot nicer a city then I anticipated) - We're off to Ottawa!

YAY for 5 hour drives!!


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