Friday, May 5, 2006


This time last year we were heading to the KIRA awards as nominees in the "Most Promising Start Up" category. Hell we even won!

This year we were note nominated despite growing from 9 employees in 2005 to 42 in 2006. BOO!!- But that's ok, next year we'll get it.

Our road trip began with us heading to Moncton , we were invited to an open house at the Compu College campus down there.

We shmoozed with industry folks like Rich Gould from Razor Communications <-- this guy is super cool! Terry LeBlanc from Hudson Design Group picture above, (that's by far the weirdest face I've ever made). Hell I even met up with my old pal Lee Tanner - who wouldn't let me photograph him due to the fact that the man is just too goodlooking.

The students were excited about us coming down, hell they even put our logo into some of their works!
Louis St.Pierre, a very talented graduate will be coming up the Litterbox to work as an intern for a bit, after that we'll tell him he's a talentless hack and he smells bad, then we'll probably keep him on for the remainder of his life.

Great sketches! Ohh no we're late!!

Let's pick up the head lady Toby Davis at Compu College and take her to Fredericton!!

What?! A parking ticket!!! *Projectile vomiting commences in 3, 2, 1....

We need to get to Fredericton!!
I need more power!!!

Tah dah!!! We're here! - Over an hour late, but we're here!

Let's go beat up some kids and get some extra lunch money!

These kids were great! - My cousin Sam has a great class!!

Group picture!!
Shorty was poking me in my head!!

Sam's classroom.

Melanie stands in triumph as she's beaten up everyone.

But then we all came back from the dead!!

Sam talks to me about getting a photograph of Cathy Jones from "This hour has 22 minutes". Cathy is the MC at the 2006 KIRA awards. I told her to don't hold her breath, Cathy is a big celebrity and I doubt she'd take a picture with some yahoo in a hockey jersey!

So then we went to see the good folks at The Cener of Arts and Technology and my old pal Sean Ridgeway.

Mel started dirty dancing with the life drawing skeleton.

Keith dared Mel to steal something off the receptionist's desk...

..and she did! -(joking).

The best thing about the Center is that they had a coffee shop downstairs!

We found some real disgusing art at the school, apparently by some dude named Andy Coyle.

The fatkat's may not have been nominated but we certainly were the buzz at the KIRA awards!

Here's the picture I promised to Sam, seems Cathy doesn't mind taking pictures with yahoos in hockey jerseys.

Apparently Cathy doesn't mind doing much of anything with guys in hockey jerseys.

Much love to everyone, thanks for a great day!


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