Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here's a couple pics I found on my hard drive at home from the old college days. I'll just send 'em all. Hopefully there is some ammunition in there for ya. lol. Couple funny ones of Dave.

"Dad Jam" - Thats my dad playing bass at our grad party at Alexandria's. The bass guy didnt show up, so I said "Go to 'er Pops". He's played bass for 35 years in several bands. His arthritic fingers didn't appreciate my zeal. :)

"Most of Grad class" - Just that. Most of my grad class. Top Row - Mike Roy, Rodney King, Simon Richard, Marc Daigle, Jessica Beckett, Christine Cunningham, Joel Smith, Nathan Carnahan. Front Row - Dave Michaud, Rene Daigle, Jon Beaman, Julie Malenfant, Natalie Robichaud, Korey McCumber, Adam "Hair" Terrio, Doug Little, Heather Fowler (No relation).

"NBCC studies thier competitors" - Me, Michaud, Rodney King and Adam Terrio scope out the competition at the Ottawa Animation Festival circa 2000.
"Shame" - Picture it...College Graduation....David "Fumble Fingers" Michaud goes down to get his diploma....He drops it and recoils in horror at his gaff and the Dean has to stoop down and pick up his papers. Mwahahaaa. Dave you dumb ass.

HAHA!! Thanks Dougie!!


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