Thursday, June 22, 2006


Some of you may remember when Dacapo Productions (Olaf Pyttlik and Clint Skibitzky) visited us back in March .

Back then, Olaf asked me to go jogging with him one morning and to my surprise, I actually went. That morning we ran 10 kilometers and well, I was hooked.

After I recovered (3 days) I was hooked... ... that is... :o)

This is a great hunch-back of Clint..haha!

Since then I've been jogging on and off. Small distances only, 5 km usually; I didn't want to feel like I did after I ran with Olaf but yet here I find myself limping around and cursing every step on ever set of stairs. You see, back in March Olaf said "Hey just think, if you keep this jogging up, you could come out and run the Manitoba Marathon with me in June". As I wimpered, lying on my couch I thought he was nuts, but it's clearly me that is out of his mind.

About 5 hours ago I returned from Winnipeg and the Manitoba Marathon. The great boys at Dacapo flew me out to run in their relay team. There were five legs of the marathon and five different runners. I was the first out of the gate in the first leg taking on 9.2 km. I haven't done that since Olaf and I ran 10km back in March!! But I was feeling good so I went for it.

After the first leg, I was feeling great, still had lots of energy so I handed off the relay belt to Olaf but kept running with him.

Quite possibly the most un masculine picture of Olaf and I that there ever will be.

Still feeling good after 17km. Feeling silly even! So I kept running, this time with Nolan Balzer!

While I was running with Nolan we hit the half way mark of the Marathon which is 14 miles or 20 kilometers. I was starting to feel it, my legs were getting real tired and my feet were starting to hurt. I could feel a huge blister on my big toe!! I told Nolan "Save yourself, go on without me!". As I slowed down to a painful crawl, I watched Nolan dissapear over the horizon.

Here's a good shot of Nolan finishing his stretch of the race, he's such a nice guy, he stuck around and waited for me to finish the third leg. He wasn't even out of breath!

Man was I ever tired! 25.33 Kilometers in 2:40! - I don't know if that's good, but I feel awesome.

Now, if I could just manage to walk down the steps from the studio to the street, I've been here for 3 days. MY LEGS HURT!!


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