Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Please help me welcome some new Fatkats to the litter box!!

Meet Dallas Daigle, our Temporary Assistant. She's the Kat's Meow! - Filling in for our Momma Kat, Liz Hogan while she's out on vacation!! I have a feeling that Dallas will be hanging around though, even after Lizard comes back to the studio, she's a great help!

David Dick, as you all know by now, straight out of Vancouver this guy is my right hand man on the C21 project, he's doing awesome too.

Big Show (aka - Andrew Blodgett) - Most of you know him by now too, Big show was kidnapped by Andrew Dunn and I while we were in Ottawa a few weeks back. Since then he's climbed straight up through the ranks and is now my Senior Creative in charge of Commercial Production!! I love you Big Show!!

Sean Rule also from Vancouver, came in out of nowhere and is heading up a short demo we're doing for Debra the Zebra. This guy is rocking out!!

Some will remember Louis St.Pierre from the little adventure that Kieth, Melanie and Daniel went on a couple of months ago. We met Louis at the Compu College grad show in Moncton. As soon as I met Louis and saw his work I knew this guy was going to be working with us. He's the shizzle.

Jon Lambe, brother of an old buddy of mine Steve Lambe who also is a former Fatkat. Jon has tons of potential and is working hard to overthrow his brother as king poop. He'll do it here dude, this guys going to be great!!

Maki Fujimoto, this chick is the bee's knees - fresh out of Van Arts in B.C. This fair lady can do it all, draw, animate and she also pinned cameron in less then 8 seconds, greco roman style!!

Justin Lee, well what can I say about this dude, other then I think my wife has the hots for him. Fantastic talent and like Jon Lambe he's a graduate of NBCC's Animation course right here in town. This dude is going places!!

Help me wedgy them all after work today,


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