Thursday, June 15, 2006


As some of you know we're building a brand spanking new website for Brian's Manufacturing. They make hockey equipment soley for goaltenders.

These guys are the monkey's uncle when it comes to this stuff too. They produce gear for goalies like Sean Burke of Tampa Bay, Ray Emery of the Ottawa Senators and Manny Legace for the Red Wings amongst hundreds of others. Well, in exchange for the website, they're now making some kustom gear for us!

Man oh man, look at this!! Kustom Fatkat Goalie gear!! - Here's the blocker - I almost peed when I saw these earlier, come to think of it, I think I just did again!!

Here's the innards from the trapper.

Here's what the leg pads are going to look like.

OOOoooOOoo!!! I'm not going to stop a puck at all this year, I'd be too afraid to scuff these babies!! (Not that I stop alot of pucks anyway - nyuk nyuk!!)


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