Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This Ottawa Animation festival was the shortest lived but had the biggest impact ever for Fatkat Animation Studios. This year we had 7 representatives mack'n out in Fatkat garb and doing Fatkat business. Participants included the Fatkat Flash Olympic Winners, Melanie Albert, Keith Dury and Dan Helle, Business Development Pros - Andrew Dunn & Tracy Fernandez and our Development Director Mr. Buddy Bolton.

The little Red Truck that got us there.

We stopped first in Plaster Rock, to say hello to the canoe dude.

Then a stop in Grand Falls to see the falls, really wasn't much to see, I guess that have to let more water through the damn so we can capture some natural beauty.

A nice shot of Notre Dame Lake.

This was a cool place just outside of Troi Rivieres I believe, Full of monster trucks and Fiberglass Dinosaurs.

Low and behold the monster trucks were powered by 4 of Keith Dury's relatives! - Imagine Keith's surprize!?

Some pals of Cloe's thought she'd be kind enough to stop by, but alas, Cloe was busy filming her new pilot episode.

Our Hotel the Chateau Laurier. Swanky man, swanky.

All marble, all the time.

Just after we arrived, trouble showed up in the form of Andrew Dunn and the Brother's Grillo. Sniffing around our truck like we had beer in it or something. The sad thing is, we did and they stole it!

Keith snuggled up tight for the night. ' Night 'night keith!

Day 02 coming up!


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