Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Some Fatkat Krew at the Fatkat Komedy Night - Ottawa. From left to right we have:
Kurt Metzger, Tim Crompier (crouching), Macio (what the hell is his last name? does he have one?) - Buddy Bolton in the back, Dan Helle, Keith Dury, Melanie Albert, Rod Amador, Gene Fowler.

Day two started off with us meeting up with our pals, the Brother's Grillo from Flinch Studio.

These guys aren't clients anymore, they're family, and if you mess with them, you mess with us!

We took in some short screenings, but didn't do much after that, other then shop for cool stuff and get ready for the komedy night.

Again we went nuts on Uncle Visa and paid out to have stretched Limosines. Man, you gotta go big or go home right?

Keith and Helle thought so.

The club was hopping! - There's Kurt talking to Lee Williams and me talking to Kristine Klohk from CCI. Good times man!

Everyone poured to the bar, where Buddy gave told them about his surfing lingo.

Melanie got in with the mingling as well. Get in there girl!

Timmy started off the night, this guy is funny, funny, funny!

Kurt brought down the house with his nasty humour, people were crying he was so funny!
macio was hot man, this is our first time using him, he'll be coming to the Fatkat Komedy Night in NYC this February for sure! - Hilarious!

Of course, fatkat's very own Buddy Bolton brought down the house with his charm and humour!

There's never a dull moment when Buddy hits the stage.

This time around though, Buddy spotted a little mermaid in the audience. He catored to her all evening, I think she really got his goat.

Wow, I guess she did!

More to come on our final day at the OIAF 2006.


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