Sunday, September 10, 2006


So what better way to help celebrate our new fatkat's arriving then having a super huge party in a ridiculiously small apartment?! Well the apartment wasn't that small, quite roomy actually, but when you have close to 40 people in the kitchen, there is some cause for concern.

Other causes for concern are the following photographs,

Long time project mates, Tony Grillo from Flinch Studio talks it up with Neven Nesic.

Ryan Keizer does his impersonation of the Road Runner.

Neil Davies counts to 5.

Graphire and JumboTron talk abot the delicacies of eastern europe and the effect they had on the renaissance period.

Newkat Keith Fukumoto looks more like Kiera Knightly then you know.

Daniel keeps it wild.

Jeff half in the bag. Thanks for hosting!

Rob does some research on his next animated project!

Jon having a blast.

Jeff entertains his guests.
Ladies and Gentleman, the white Lionel Richie, Steve Pitre of the Commodore 64's.

Cleopatra hangin soup with Patrick Proulx.

This is Milky that has gone sour, man he was a hyper gent last night. I had to choke him out to settle him down, that lasted about 30 seconds. Then he was off to the races again.

Heather re-hydrating herself...yeah right.

Tony with quite possibly the world's most satisfied Acadian.

The Facial Hair Brothers.

Neil caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing...

David and Maki up a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

shame shame.

until our next party!


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