Friday, October 6, 2006


Wow, I can't believe this! - Last night in Halifax Fatkat Animation Studios brought home another award! This time for Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Emerging Entrepreneur category. Man, how cool is that?! - Cartoonists winning awards as prestigious as an Ernst and Young EOY award. Man, I'm floored!

My beautiful wife Tara and I went down to enjoy the event, man this was awesome in itself as I don't get to spend much time out with her. I Loves me Babies!

Great food, entertainment and company, the top business folk in Atlantic Canada were there.

Thanks to Ernst & Young for an unforgettable night!

Special Thanks go out to:

My wife Tara, family and friends, thank you for all your continued support as I try to make something out of myself and a difference in our community. Your patience is much appreciated!

My amazing Executive Team at Fatkat; Nikki Hilton & Andrew Dunn, I'm nothing without you guys.

My fabulous Producers; Big Show, Dougie, Buddy, Geremy & Melanie. You guys are pillars of strength at Fatkat.

My fat-tastic Supervisors & Directors; Mike, Daniel, Jon, Andy, Jimmy, Beans, Keith, Rob, Pat, Neven, Milky, David, Sean. A big thanks to you for helping to keep it all together!

My delicious and super-rific krew; Madness, Kamdown, Steve, Louis, Darren, Lauren, Paul, Brad, Mandi, Helle, David Dick, Erika, Chris, Jared, Elder, Leon, Justin, Neil, Heather, Ryan, Jeff, Keith, Jon Lambe, Oliver, Jeremy, Wynne, Kevin, Matt, Maki, Gwen, Jenny and of course Salma! - Thank you so much for all your hard work, and sticking with me through thick and thin. I love you guys and gals!

And last but never least, my beautiful support staff, whom all help things run so smoothly at the studio; Liz, Dallas, Tracy, Brian, Wanda and Geri - You are so damn sexy!

Extra Special thanks go out to:

Business New Brunswick, ACOA, BDC, HRDC, RBC and of course NBFILM! - Thanks for all your continued support!!

Love to all,


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