Wednesday, October 4, 2006


I guess I'm officially and adult now, give us a kiss then Mike. What better way to spend your 30th birfday then surrounded by friends and family?!

I thought I was going out for a nice quiet Friday binge with me wife her sister and me pal shane, imagine my surprise when I walked into a room full of extended family, my parents and 50 fatkats! - blows my mind man!

Thanks to Salma for the groovy prolonged exposure picture taking!

Ryan, is always down for a party.

There's always fun happening when david and Maki are around.

Ryan, I just can't get enough of this guy, maxing and relaxing.

Perhaps the oddest picture of Daniel Theriault, being set on fire or something.

A chicken gave me a birthday card from my sister! Imagine how long it took that chicken to walk from Ontario!

Sean Rules.

David knows this.

Pictured here are Sean Rule and Keira Knightly's Brother, Keith.

Keith, Leon and Bev, taking it all in.

YEah for food!

Neven and Gwen love getting their photo taken.

Milky overdosing on beer.

Speaking of which!!!

Neil prepares for his birthday gift from Keizer.

Oliver on fire!
Jerry, Alfreda and Cheryl knock 'em back.

Groovy photos!
Sleepy Face!Milky shortly after tackling Robert to the ground.


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