Friday, October 20, 2006


Just this past week my wife and I were talking about the company a bit, we're doing really well, plenty of work, rapid expansion and what not. I got to thinking about the old days when Tara and I were working for Trainingscape, we'd walk to work together, see each other throughout the day in the halls, send silly emails to eachother - We worked in seperate locations mind you - but we shared the experience you know?

I love the woman to no end, over the last 15 years she's been with me through hard times and good times. She's funny as hell and keeps me grounded. So what better way to help manage our growth at the studio while getting to spend more time with her then asking her to come back to work with me at Fatkat; and she said yes!

So now Tara who was always the real president anyway, gets to step in as the new Communications and Standards Officer. She'll be helping us streamline the way we do things individually as well as between the different departments and crews here at Fatkat. Filing systems, how we communicate with eachother as well as helping to organize current and future productions and crews.

Please help me make her welcome around the studio yo!

Much Love,


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