Monday, October 23, 2006

With a party....we honour you dearest of Ghettos

Werd up....folks?
So there was a party....and at this party there were people....but not just any people....
Pimped out people.
Ghetto people, if you will.

Ladies and Gentlemen
this is the Ghetto Party:

I'm not aware at what point this picture was taken....but it's amazingly funny for reasons I don't even have to explain.
Nikki....Kudos......Kudos for being awesome.

This is my buddy Neil......regularly Neil isn't terrifying.....this night proved different.

I spent upwards to 10 minutes trying to think of a comment for this picture.

Congratulations Pat. Your picture robbed me of words.

What amazed me most about this picture isn't the colt 45, the cowboy hat, the facial hair or the handcuff jewelery (which is also impressive)'s the half shirt of fake tatoos that blows my mind.


I forgot to mention that this party was catered by every sandwich I ever had in grade 3

Not only was this a ghetto party...but it was also a 'dress up like easter fell in a puddle of shiney frat boy' party.

This picture makes me think that Oliver had car waiting outside that was full of ground effects and worth more than my apartment.

THE most ghetto person in this picture, by far, is Liz in the jean jacket....why?

because she's wearing jean.....jean jacket instantly makes you the baddest of asses.

What makes this picture ever so Germ and his game of apples. more ghetto than a card game that no one has ever heard of.

and if you know someone who knows this game they're either: super ghetto...or lying.

probablly lying.

and like any ghetto party

this one ends with some pus....*ahem*......kitty!



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