Thursday, December 21, 2006


"Hold on tight"- says Huber Williston! - "It's going to be a close one!"

Keith Helps out Hubert to cut some pine board. The studio construction in the administration and production areas are coming to a close this weekend. The place looks amazing, due in large part to the great crew working with Hubert and of course the help of Fatkat's Andrew Dunn!

YAY for new bathrooms!

Still some windows and doors to put in, but that's the last of it. Looking good!

The colours are amazing and the beatiful pine desks are going to look wonderful when varnished.

Upstairs in the administration area, the flooring is all down and ready to be stripped and waxed, the trim is all on and painted and the colours are so awesome man!

Amazing views from these huge windows in Nikki, Tara and Dallas' offices.

Beauty wood flooring in the accounting department!

The Stairway is almost done too, beautiful colours lead you downstairs to reception.

YUM! more soon.


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