Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This year's Xmas party promised to be twice as crowded as last years, with our staff now pushing into the 60's! There was more food, more booze and more potty mouth then ever before! Don't you wish you were here?! Don't you wish you were taller?! I don't , I think you look great just the way you are.

Get ready for a delicious stream of pontoon boats and splunkin drendor!

Me Nephew Robert and friend Kevin get their granny hug on.

Little did Tracy know, she was sitting on this guys lap for half the night.

May I present to you the very first Irishman in Miramichi's new Irish Pub!

May I present to you my overexcited wife!

I just threw up down Gwen's back a bit.

I like to throw up and then punch people in the face. Ah, good times.

Darren Ryan finally introduced us to his old club, he also brought along an inflatable toy!

The three darling sisters, Tara Cheryl and Dawn.

Beans, just as he's getting ready to pounce on me.

Everyone had some fun! Cliff and Carol laughed as they showed people's baby pictures.

Big show eatins some chucklet and getting strangled by a tie.

Matt laughing minaically as he pinned me down and stretched my underwear over my head.

Dermot and Allan about to buzz in on final jeopardy.

Bryan hording gifts.

Pat's poker face.

The eskimoe and her catch.

Andrew with his phantom eyes!

Coyle shows off his newly reattached hand. Nice job!

Jeremy demonstrates earthquake survival techniques.

Isn't it cute that Louis and Jenny wear matching colours? Where's your track suits!?

Tracy shows off the pose that won her the title "Miss try anything twice" 1998.

Michaud begins howling during the playing of any irish music.

Animators clean up nice! Take that Buddy Bolton!

Daniel attempts to pick up both Louis and Jenny with a semi-rude pick up line.

The party was hoppin!

Pierre charmed the camera from 30 feet away!

Just moments after this picture was taken, Kevin punched Wynne in the face with a broken beer bottle. The two later announced their love of Sponge Bob spare pants and opened up a small tiki lounge which specializes in unique liqour drinks served in the cuffs of pants.

This is the end.

G to the EENY, Miney and Moe.

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