Monday, January 22, 2007


A weekend ago Keith Fukumoto got this crazy idea that some kats should strap planks to their feet, find an icy hill and see who can go the fastest and the longest without falling over.

Well they all did just that and funny enough, I guess it's an actual sport! can you believe the crazy things that humans will do?

Not this human, he went for two planks, and some poles.

Pierre getting his poop together.

Arsenio getting some air.

Oh yes, we're quite impressed too. Mexicans know how to snowboard.

Pierre got his poop together and then realized he had to go pee.

Arsenio points the way to the restroom while Jon signals that he has to go potty.

A hard faught day twas, and in the end, jimmy succumbed to it all. Hell after some nutty moves on a deck and a couple o' forties, you would too!



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