Saturday, January 13, 2007


Our old buddy Ron Crown came back to Fatkat last week for some fun and to kick off a new project.
Senior dudes Big Show and Dan Theriault came out to play some pool with Ron and I, new fatkat Gui Parent also showed up to get an ass whoopin from Billiard specialist Mr. Crown.

It all ended with this.

Dan hit this ball so hard it sunk the 8 on the next table over.

Gui, being an American had never experienced Canadian pool before. We made him eat some bacon and kiss a salmon before every shot.

Crown killed all of us. Undefeated in like 10 games. "I haven't played in awhile, so take it easy on me". What a line. We'll never believe that one again.

The following night Salma, Dan, Erika and Dermott took Ron out to the Opera House, a favorite watering hole here in Miramichi.

The opera house is captivating, filled with movie memorabillia. It sure got the attention of Erika. Dermott laughed as she went all googlie eyed at a wax statue of Michael Buble.

After a night of some beers, Ron and everyone called it a night.

But Tracy seems to think otherwise!

Much Love,


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