Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Last month Claudia Sammer gave me a call and we chitty chatt'd about Fatkat's growth, my role in the company now and also her experience in running Cool Companies Magazine. She's as nuts as I am and she's very cool.

If anything I hope it spreads some info to some of the folks at fatkat, whom I regrettably don't get to spend much time with anymore. In recent months in getting out of a production role and more into the role of the CEO I've spent alot of time researching, reading, meeting with mentors and consultants. Even more recently working from home to take care of my pregnant wife who's just about to bust!!

It's not easy making a almost complete shift to the business side of things after spending so much time in the creative aspect. But it's what is needed of me and it's a great new challenge (which I love). Thinking up new strategies, ways to improve infrastructure within the company and getting it all back to a nice cozy and comfortable studio (like when we were 25 people) is a fantastic first goal for myself and the great folks I work with.

As for the drawing/creative thing, I'll be able to doodle stuff while I'm on the phone anyway hehe.

Check out Cool Companies website here.


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