Saturday, August 11, 2007



This year's DAYONDAWATA Event was so awesome, what a release. We gotta do this again and soon, before all the hot weather is gone. Who's in?!


PS: Check out the pictures I took before someone tipped my kayak and I lost my camera to the sea. (Yeah yeah, you shouldn't have had it out there anyway, I know).

Always working... Mr. Dunn.

Papa Fowler scarfs down a hotdog!

Momma Fowler soaks in the sun!

Dave Rigley disoriented by sandy beaches, can't believe there isn't a monitor in front of his eyes.

Mumma Fowler about to bust!

Man, this was great!

Leon getting his groove on.

Mr. Theriault shows off the pipes.

Beans is getting creepier by the minute.

Mandi and Dan dancing like ballerinas.

Hennie Blaauw (animation director on Supa Strikas) came out for a bit!

Mr. Jarvis, about to give the kiss of death!

Wynne and I get crazy!

Sandy making poo poo.

Takin in the rays!

Quite possibly the meanest picture of Keizer yet.

Fun for all the kids! Sailboats, canoes, kayaks and boat tours.

Thanks to Upper Oxbow Adventure Lodge for lending us all the canoes and kayaks!

Oliver and Theresa getting their gab on with Andrew and Nadine.

Surprisingly, most of the gang all came out!

There was only one who should have stayed home. Poor Fetus.

For more pictures, keep your eye on the krew blog.


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