Sunday, January 6, 2008


Back in late November early December 2007 we had a visit from our partners in NYC. The folks from Animation Collective are quite a hoot! Pictured above is Andi DeFur - head of production, Daniel Theriault (Fatkat Producer), Amy Feldman (Animation Collective Producer). Below we have Big Show, 3 Delivery Director Andy Coyle and Art Director Alan Foreman.

Of course where there are laughs with booze in it, you can expect Mick. Generating lots of giggles and bits while shooting pool at Dooly's, it looks like these gals and guys had a good time!

Our head of production here at Fatkat (blue shirt), Doug Little showed up for some laughs as well.

Looks like Alan scratched on the 8 or something here. Dont' fret my pet!

Ah yes, creative minds. I love it how Andy looks like he's choosing ripe fruit at a grocery store in as Alan scorns him for not eating all his veggies.

Yar! The Yassir Arafat nose lives!

These folks are great. Their studio is very much like ours, man I love working with people who understand animation, how it should look, work, everything. I love these guys.

Daniel loves them too, enough to do his "stereo terrio dance ala king".

Rock on folks,


PS: Thanks to Big Show for taking the snaps!

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