Thursday, January 3, 2008


Our pal Ron Crown came to town to help us get going on Chaotic for Teletoon. A service gig for the good folks at Bardel Entertainment that lasted well into the fall. Thanks folks!

We also did a little snowboarding!

And played a tech company in Moncton for beer. And won!

Our music video with Mondo Media for Fall Out Boy wrapped up and went to air. It went over really well from what I've heard!

We went to kidscreen in NYC and rocked it out by sealing a deal for 3 Delivery!

I also got to catch up with some old pals. The boys at Copernicus!

We teamed up with Flinch to rock out on Family guy.

We made the cover of Progress Magazine!

We also got kicked out of a mall for wearing wheelie shoes!

Our partners from Dacap built us a recording suite!

Erika, Beans and I teamed up and designed the new logo for our local Hockey team, go Timberwolves!

And went bowling for kids for the 3rd year in a row.

We took a road trip to a business conference.

Neven started nailing us with his crazy Puns.

World Leaders Entertainment and Fatkat celebrated their alliance!

Keith and Walter came to visit from Big Hug Productions.

We sent strippers to our ad agency's office.

We won an award for doing it.

Heather Kenyon from Cartoon Network came to visit!

Jon Roth was shipped out to the Vancouver Game Summit

We went and got hooked up with Fibre Optics!

We had ourselves our first Oscar night!

Our MVP - Patrick Proulx here with Jenny took home the top prize!

The Dicks got hitched.

I published my first editorial cartoon.
A lucky Kid gotta fantastic big sister.

We started drawing bums again.

We announced a potentially great project that went kaput.

Justin Coffee re-designed a cool property for us.

Jimmy, Geremy and Justin hammered on our 3rd season of sprays.

We came full circle on an awesome project with Cartoon Saloon!

We were patriotic!

We uncovered some imposters!
We took our largest krew picture yet! 120 folks!

We threw one hell of a party at Nikki's joint.

We casted some great internal talent for one of our new shows.

Our show with World Leaders premiered on CITV!

We lost an old friend.

We gained a new partner for Cloe.

We did an interview with Cool Companies Magazine.

We had an amazing day on the water!

A great stress relief for all of us!

Mr. Dunn lost a bet.

Tara and I had a son!

We got a shipment of new Cintiq's for many of the krew!

We got a shipment of yum from down south.

We destroyed the OIAF!

We worked some more on our new show.

We got some great news from Teletoon that one of our shows has been picked up for some pilots!
We had a smashing Haloween!

We made art for a great cause!

My old buddy came to visit!

The Fuzz came to town and tore us a new one!

We got to work on our new 3D show!

We had another art show.

We also had a much deserved wrap up party!

good times blinky!

We found the next big star in animation!

And the next big star in Rock and Roll!

We are now in full swing on the next big thing for TV!

Bartholomew came out for the kiddies at Christmas.

Our new Storyboard team got underway!

Gavin found out who is real papa was!

So that pretty much sums it up! We've had a pretty good 2007 here at Fatkat. Lots of ups and downs as is the norm in this industry. We've completed some great projects, worked with some great people and got paid on time!

Let's hope in 2008 we get to spend more time outside the studio. Animation is cool work, but let's aim at getting our work done and getting out he door so we can enjoy the other side of life! We all work too much, the French have it down pat!

Coming up in 2008; a continuation on 3 Delivery, our biggest, brightest and most challenging project yet. A fourth season of Sprays! Pilots for Teletoon and we're only in our first week of January!

Rock on Everyone,


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