Thursday, June 16, 2005


As you all know the great Mick Harrison has been working at the kat for the past 6 months. Well, he's gotten sick and tired of all the damn sillyness, rotten cartoon gigs, drunken stupers and the whole Canadian experience in general. Can't say I blame him.

So Mick and I both agreed that it was time for his ass to return to Monkey Island for a few months so that he may get rejuventated in the ways of tea and crumpets. In England Mick will continue to work on Fatkat projects such as the Hopper gig. Which we are pitching at the Banff TV Festival this year.

Check out that afternoon's events.

Andy and Beans getting it on the old, fatroline.

Jon flips this ATV about 3 minutes after this picture was taken. Off the Bridge, into shark infested rivers.

Gene gets some air action.

Gene gets some Matt action.

Patrick takes Beans around for a scoot.

Beans came back without Patrick, he will be missed.

Drew gets some air.

Melanie has trouble letting go.

On the way back to Mick's apartment, he realized he locked himself out. So we had to bust a window and Mick slipped in undetected.

Although, I saw fit to give him a hand... tickeling his feet.

Adios Mick! See you in September!

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