Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Just this past Saturday us Fatkat's got to pack up all our shit and move all of the crap we've accumulated over the years along with the tons of beer bottles we had to gather up and cash in.

I'd like to tell you it was a load of fun, it really wasn't. It was a huge pain in the ass, but well worth it I think. We sure did get a cool joint I tell you. It's really something else. We're still moving shit around and getting settled, I bet it'll be another 2 weeks before we're totally set and ready to resume work in a comfy environment. As for now, we'll peck away at things one day at a time and put up with the few things left to be done, like our kitchen and lounge area!! But for now, who cares, the place is so big and spacious we have tons of room!!

Check it out!


Damn, I need to get a hair cut.

Construction is almost done!

Internet pipes hanging at the rear, will be painted red to fit in with the sprinkler system.

Looking good!

The lounge is the only room left to be assembled and finished up.

Beans and my dady laid the sticky floor in my office. Nasty click in stuff.

Floor is looking good too.

Everyone starts moving their stuff.

Christopher gets his stuff rolling.

Steve and Neven watch all the action. Lazy bastids.

Douggie pulls the Douggie face.

Man, since we built all those desks, we have a whole whack left over. YARD SALE!

Robert bending the pins in my video card hook up on my computer.

What a cute couple.
Mike Trys out the Fire Escape.

The boys go and fetch the fridge! What a bitch!

I explain to my father that I have a lovely bunch of coconuts. Thanks dad for all your help!

The lobby is a mess! - it still doesn't look much different except for Liz sitting on a box in the corner answering phones.

Beans stole my rug to spruce up his area.

Since we have the entire floor and our own entrances, we can bring in our furry friends! Eddy, Gwens other faithful Companion and Leary Christopher's half dog half pig pal.
All the keys started to pile up from the old studio.

Those pipes look fantastic, Cloe thought so too, snaggin top spot on the pipes.

Spence also snagged up Mike's spot, ya snooze ya looze Mikey!

Christopher get's set.

The fuckers crack a case to celebrate and unwind.

Beans knocks all the screens out of the old place.

A Fatkat Ritual.

Our poor Fatkat intern Salad is going to miss his home. The third shelf in the storage closet.

Salad, man he took the move hard.

Patrick sweeps up the old hole.

Meanwhile at the new studio, Craig forces Channy to smell his armpits.

My mom dropped in to treat everyone to some famous Fowler Spaghetti! Thanks so much Mom!!
Nevey and Gwen enjoyed it immensly, even with her funky hat.

The folks scoffing down the grub.

Salad finds a new home under neath the new desks!

Yeah the new digs are cool. For those whom I've hired recently for Happy Tree Friends, you'll be sitting in this area. It's going to be great!

Patrick, wouldn't you agree? uh, Patrick? Excuse me?



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